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Mama Africa: be the changemaker

If you educate a child - you might change the World

* * *

Ghana welcomed me with THIS foundation and Mary - a lovely lady who is making a difference for people with real problems. 

''The spot'' - Cape Coast, Ghana 2016

* * *

Greetings from Cape Coast!
Here people are happy with what they have and the most important things for them are their families, their neighbors and their health.
In Europe I've seen so many kids crying/shouting/rolling on the floor histerically just because they couldn't get a toy or a sweet they've wanted. (I am pretty sure you've seen such a performance too..)
Meanwhile, african children also cry a lot but I asume being hungry, tired, sick or hurt to be much more of a problem than not getting a doll which eventually is going to be thrown into a pile of another 50 dolls.
Yet, I hear everyone complaining how spoiled and immature nowadays children are, but there are no doubts that it's the whole community involved in this educational circle and every single person have always been an excample for all of us.
 You can show people how to appreciate, love, share, tolerate and respect same as how to ignore, pass by or reject.
Why not to be a human, who doesn't let others lose faith in humanity? The one, who stands for the World in which we can trust, help and count on each other?
Be that human!

* * *

When Mary've asked if I want to help with the wedding preparation the other day I was more than happy to join the local ladies at the ''cooking ceremony'' as you can see in the pictures below:

''Smashing ginger'' - Cape Coast, Ghana 2016

''Bad cook'' - honestly, I've tried this for like 20s & my arms were already in so big pain! African women are sure stronger than most of the males, trust me. - Cape Coast, Ghana 2016

* * *

Later same afernoon we went to the beauty salon to get our hair done for the wedding. It was a tiny place with a lot of crazy women buzzying around. Children didn't stop playing with me and everytime they pulled my dreadlocks I was making a cross-eyed face which made them laugh as crazy: ''Nooo, white woman, nooo!'' - they've been shouting, running away and coming back once more to continue this endless game. They were pretty much everywhere and at some point I didn't even understand from where they were all coming from. The place felt more or less like a kindergarten than a salon and here you can see it from closer:

* * *

In the morning everybody were excited to see me in an african dress and to tell you the truth - I felt really comfortable in it! Even Mary's son got this ''wedding madness" vibe as he took his mom's dress and started walking in it around the house.

The best thing about the wedding seemed to be - dancing, dancing &... more dancing!  :)
These people sure know how to celebrate life and I truly enjoyed watching them. Beautiful. Smilling. Living the moment.

* * * 

To sum up these few topics I've touched on this blog:

If your child's mind is as bright as your wife's eyes on your wedding day - you are a true MAN, my friend.

* * *

* * *
You don't have to agree with the crowd and you can always walk away from everything and everyone that might give you bad vibes.
You don't need to explain anything to anyone or make sense of it.
Just trust you little inner when it talks to you.

Some people are good, some people are not.
But it is them who make a choice.
So as you.

* * *

I would like to say a huge THANK YOU for each message or email I've received from you since I've started writing about my travels. Those letters are beautiful and I am so pround of having people like you in my life.  

Be the changemakers!
Hugs hugs hugs

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